Born I Music Meditates With Us

Every once in awhile an artist comes along that changes everything. He is innovative, creative, charismatic, mesmerizing and trendsetting. Above all, he makes captivating music. An artist from Silver Spring, MD named Born I Music fits that frame. And, fortunately, we are in a unique position to be able to introduce him to you! Tune in this Monday 12/18 at 11pm. See you there!


Young Ladies with Vision

Tune in Monday night for a special episode of PCR with Raro Lae of and Victoria Waller of Venture with V to talk about their upcoming Vision Board Workshop on December 2nd! Help bring your vision to reality right here on PCR Monday, November 27th! TUNE IN 11pm-1am! CALL IN 301.314.8800

Sound Off!

This Monday night’s show topics for November 20th: The real thanksgiving, the ongoing sexual harassment allegations, the hip-hop DJ game, being on the come up, plus anything else YOU want to talk about!

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