“Dear Black People:” + R&B Singer Shamain + New Cohost Tunisia!


Last week we roasted white people. We’re fair, so this Monday 9/9 10-11 p.m. LIVE, we’re going to make fun of ourselves. Feel free to call in! 301.314.8800.

Tune in this Monday night for the sultry sounds of R&B singer Shamain! Get to know her and her music!

Plus, we’ve got a new cohost! Welcome the beautiful Tunisia back to WMUC!




Dear White People:

Inspired by Netflix’s hit series, Dear White People, we figured we would go along the same theme for an episode, this Monday 9/2, 10-11 p.m. For those of you who haven’t seen the show, it’s about a young girl in college on her school’s radio station, who likes to stay woke and spark conversation, especially about controversial topics on race. Well, we are college radio and we like to educate and spark conversation, so it seems like the perfect topic!

Also, this Monday we have very special guest stand up comedian and rapper, Money M.I.C. coming on the show. Should be great!


Healthy Foods that Taste Good. Diet Well :)

Are you having trouble losing weight or getting into shape? Do you keep craving junk food? Do you hate vegetables? Are you tired of drinking just water, but think soda and juice are bad for you? You’re in luck! We’ve got solutions for you! Learn some good tasting foods that are healthy and some easier ways to diet. Tune in this Monday night 8/26 10-11 p.m. LIVE on WMUC 88.1 fm

Financial Literacy from a Bonafide Boss + New Royce Castro

This Monday night 7/29 tune in LIVE 10-11 p.m. as we welcome two very special guests, one in the studio and one over the phone. They go by the names of Adol Owen-Williams II and Royce Castro, respectively.

We are privileged to have fellow Terp and financial advisor Owen-Williams join us to teach us about finances, which is a crucial topic in our capitalist economy and increasingly competitive market. He has managed almost $600 million in assets in his career. Money talks. We should listen.

Royce Castro is a dope rapper and a valued guest who has joined us before and we look forward to him sharing his new single with us, “Real Spill.” We appreciate his continued commitment to positivity, honor and real manhood in a cultural landscape that seems to condemn those traditional concepts more and more everyday.