DJ Boss Player

DJ Boss Player embarked on his first show at WMUC called “Boss Hog Radio” and people labeled him a natural. He had a vision to take things to the next level. He brought on a crew and created a show called the “Hip-Hop Corner”. Through the “Hip-Hop Corner” DJ Boss Player has been fortunate enough to interview celebrities such as Ice Cube and Dr. Maya Angelou and many more. Recently, DJ Boss Player turned the page to a new chapter in his life with a show called PCR, Pop Culture Revolution. This new show has a broader focus. And, he brought on a whole new team.

On the DJ side, he is based in the Washington, DC area. He does clubs, weddings, cookouts or any other private, corporate or school events. He also enjoyed the opportunities that came from being the partner of DJ Money of 93.9 WKYS. The highlight of his Djing career thus far was DJing for Rihanna at one of her meet and greets. Also, he DJ’d for hip-hop artist Logic for two years and played an instrumental role in launching his career. For radio, he had an internship with WPGC 95.5 FM. And, he graduated from the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland.

When Dj Boss Player was asked in an interview why he got into DJing, his answer was simple: “Because I love people, I love seeing people have a good time and I love music.” So, as DJ Boss Player would say on “Pop Culture Revolution,” “Stay tuned,” because he has a bright future.



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